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    "It is no secret that in modern society, the flow of information is created by the media." - Anonymous

    The media gains more coverage, exposure and other benefits when they report stories that are not necessarily 100% true, but have a harder impact on the eyes and ears of its listeners. These conditions create perverse incentives to the rest of the world, since we need to have a constant flow of information on subjects that are important to us. A large problem arises, if we cannot trust the media, how are we able to have information from around the world, news and other subjects, unfiltered and raw?

    What is Nexidy?
    Introducing Nexidy, Nexidy is akin to a second home for most of its users,
    or... simply put it's a general public forum or also known as an open online forum.

    Nexidy is a public forum protected by and under the First Amendment rights constituted by the United States Government of America. Streets, parks, and sidewalks are considered open to public discourse by tradition and are designated as traditional public forums, Nexidy is akin to a traditional public forum however Nexidy is only available online.

    Nexidy is growing, and growing rapidly in the amount of members that contribute. Nexidy is the ideal place for anyone looking to grow their spirituality, knowledge, wisdom and better themselves fully. Do you often wonder about certain topics, such as conspiracy theories, wild claims, or even the validity of the moon landing? Nexidy aims to grow the knowledge base of humankind by tapping directly into the minds of its users and distributing it for free to its community. Nexidy is more than just a site and idea, its an entire revolution. The community looks out for one another, and its only quest is to deliver the trust on an endless amount of topics. There are no limits on Nexidy, you are able to share as much as you want, when you want, about whatever you want. The entire premise of Nexidy is that you are free to be yourself, are able to engage into debate with anyone on the forum, and provided it is a civil and constructive argument that does not have ad hominem attacks or otherwise seeking to troll the members.

    The content shared here on the Nexidy community will help create articles simultaneously at high quality rate and it'll be enjoyable to read 24/7. With a transparent general forum online 24/7 there's no telling how far news, knowledge, wisdom, and other content of information can reach, but Nexidy aims to make this easy, not only easy but we want to spread all kinds of education, knowledge, wisdom, to everyone for free while helping everyone understand this stage of understanding of legal development. The state AND the government must respect all legal rights that are owed to YOU.

    Prior to this stage of legal development of substantive due process (Due process is the legal requirement that the state must respect all legal rights that are owed to a person. Due process balances the power of law of the land and protects the individual person from it. When a government harms a person without following the exact course of the law, this constitutes a due process violation, which offends the rule of law.), state governments had the authority to regulate speech in public places without regard to the First Amendment. You must understand how important that is.

    Becoming a member
    It is vastly crucial that you join our community while it is growing. Currently, moderation is much more simple than the different growth stages we will see in the future. For this reason, we are only looking for a certain type of person, to maintain the validity and the integrity of our site. Our ideal member is someone who is curious, open, knowledgeable and isn't afraid to pose the question "Why?" often and regarding any topic. We want our members to benefit from the mutual sharing of knowledge so that we are all much better from the experience.

    Why Nexidy is the better option
    How does this form of information sharing differ from the media? Nexidy is a 100% free platform where you can share your ideas. This means that no one in this community is looking to profit or expose any information that you share. Our members are curious and generous, and are able to teach on many different subjects on which you have found yourself wondering. The media is different, they only report stories that they see around the world, and are often spinning the tale so that the story looks more glamorous than it is. If we are to use an example, the 2016 election between Trump and Clinton exposed many dirty tricks on either side of the presidential platforms. This infuriates us, but makes us trust the media that they are finally reporting the real things, things the people need to know about. After the election is over, there are no investigations into these allegations, and the media switches from reporting these truths into daily trials and tribulations of the President. At Nexidy, we aim to always uncover these truths, no matter how painful, because the truth sets our members free!

    Joining Nexidy is 100% FREE
    Give Nexidy a try today. It is completely free to join and you can share ideas with like-minded people for the betterment of humanity. Do you know something about a topic, however silly, that you feel like sharing? Make a post and see if you can better someone's understanding. Often our members find they are able to inspire others, and in return are able to learn something they have never known before. Explore such topics as: Law, Faith, Finance, Humanity, Conspiracies and a myriad of other wonderful subjects that are just waiting to be explored. Nexidy will become the one stop shop for everything truthful, and we are growing to be powerful enough to show the world that the only news worth reporting is the unbiased knowledge of the expert on the subject, regardless of their qualifications.

    🙏🍄✌ Become a part of the Nexidy family today! 😍🔮🗿

    Still not sure what to do? Contact us by clicking here!

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    • About Nexidy

      "It is no secret that in modern society, the flow of information is created by the media." - Anonymous

      The media gains more coverage, exposure and other benefits when they report stories that are not necessarily 100% true, but have a harder impact on the eyes and ears of its listeners. These conditions create perverse incentives to the rest of the world, since we need to have a constant flow of information on subjects that are important to us. A large problem arises,
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