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  • About Nexidy

    Giving You Access To The Truth … The REAL Truth.

    Looking to grow spiritually, mentally, physically?
    Do you often wonder if there’s any validity in conspiracy theories, wild claims, or even the moon landing?
    Are you interested in knowing the 100% truth?

    If you answered yes to any of the questions above then Nexidy was created for you.
    Our goal is to grow the knowledge base of humankind by tapping directly into the minds of its users and distributing it for free to its community.

    Nexidy is Revolutionizing the Distribution of Information
    We are creating a community that’s a family, one where we look out for one another, one where you’re not afraid about to be you. Our only quest is to deliver the real truth – whatever it is – on an endless number of topics. There are no limits on Nexidy, you are able to share as much as you want, when you want, about whatever you want.

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    What We Offer
    The opportunity to be totally you. 100% you. And the correct info you need to make form your own opinions. We run a completely transparent forum where you can discuss with both like minds, and those who disagree with you, in a civil and constructive way – judgment free. Remember that the entire premise of Nexidy is that you are free to be yourself.

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    How We Are Different
    100% free – No Profiteering From Your Knowledge
    Nexidy is a 100% free platform where you can share your ideas. This means that no one in this community is looking to profit or expose any information that you share.

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    Curious Members Who Are Generous With Knowledge
    Because we know how biased the media can be, and how they twist and spin stories to look more glamorous than they actually are,
    we have focused on and succeeded in creating a forum with members who are curious and generous,
    and are able to share on many different subjects no matter what it is.

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    Uncensored – Your First Amendment Rights Are Guaranteed
    People seem to be forgetting their first amendment rights, we will help you understand your rights better so that you can stand up for yourself. The state AND the government must respect all legal rights that are owed to YOU.

    How would we be different if we covered the exact same thing everyone is? At Nexidy, we aim to always uncover these truths, no matter how painful they are because we know that the truth will set you, our members free!

    Nexidy Explainer Video:

    JOIN US!
    If you’re ready to embrace the truth with like-minded individuals sign up now and say hello, don't be shy!
    It's 100% free so you have nothing to lose.
    🙏🍄✌ Become a part of the Nexidy family today! 😍🔮🗿

    Still not sure what to do? Contact us by clicking here!

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      This is a great forum, lot of information and I feel really free to share my views on stuff without judgement. Great range of opinions!

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