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Rothschild Syria Connection


  • Rothschild Syria Connection

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    Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump, Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS)

    To understand what is going on in Syria, you have to follow the money; who is benefiting from the political instabilities and continued war in Syria? A report done some time back in Iraq shows that Iraq intelligence lured multiple high-ranking ISIS commanders from Syria across the border into Iraq and arrested them. Ask yourself, how is ISIS able to maintain many high-level commanders in Syria yet the country is heavily guarded and monitored by US military forces and the United States proxies?

    Iraq intelligence knows the names of high-ranking ISIS chiefs and their locations and they have relayed this information to the United States. But United States has turned a blind eye into this and has not acted despite their ability to take out ISIS, they won’t take them out. It is like the US is providing a safe haven to ISIS.

    According to Jake, ISIS is concentrated in Hajim area, along the Ephraim River in Syria which is about 40KM (26 miles) from Alkaim province in Iraq, where most US troops are based. Right outside Hajim is Kishma oil fields. And remember, ISIS follows oil fields, meaning that all along Ephraim River, there are massive oil fields.

    Back in November, Russia, Iran, and Syria attacked ISIS and pushed them down the Ephraim River, freeing many oil fields. Seeing that the oil fields will be given back to their rightful owners, Syria, United States had to back another group, and thus they threw support to Kurds, SDF. In November, SDF began taking back the oil fields. Surprisingly, there was no war, since the ISIS was being controlled by CIA. This means the oil fields remained in the hands of the United States. The Kurds, with the support of United States, got back the oil fields. They got to DeirEzzor on the Eastern Bank of the Euphrates and took control of Kishma oil field, thereby beating Russia, Syria, and Iran troops. This means the US regained control of the Kishma oil fields

    So, the question now is, why is Donald Trump allowing the ISIS to remain in Syria? The short answer to this is that this is what the CIA wants. ISIS has all along been used by CIA and Mossad (national intelligence of Israel) to control oil fields in Syria. The ISIS was replaced by Kurdish SDF. However, it now appears that Kurds are looking for new allies and they seem to be forming an alliance with Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president. This means oil fields will soon cease to be dominated and owned by the US and Israel and now they will be owned by Syrians, who are the rightful owners.

    However, this will result in another war. The US will go back to creating chaos and killing Kurds in an effort to try and retake the control of this region. This may sound like a conspiracy theory considering how Trump talks harshly about ISIS. Big oil and energy companies namely Rothschild of USA and Genie of Israel have already be given contracts to explore more oil fields in Syria and would not want to let this go since they have invested heavily into this. This means that Trump owes them and thus will do everything to take back control of oil fields in Iraq and Syria. Donald Trump, since the campaign time, has been saying he will go to the Middle East and take the oil from Iraq and Syria. Trump is also helping the CIA drones to strike down Sudan and Somali- again Rothschild is working in these two countries. So, anyone saying that Trump is not connected to Ross House is getting all wrong

    Jake continues to reveal why he thinks Trump is connected to Ross House. He says that Trump's early business dealings back in 1987 were in the casino business. He bought 93% of shares in a holding company in New Jerseys called Resorts International (Jake calls it RI). RI is known to buy Casinos that are facing financial crisis and rebuild them to be more efficient and profitable. Therefore, all this company does is to spot companies that are falling apart and buy them at a bargain price, then transform them to be profitable. He was made the chairman of RI. If you look at the company’s history, you will notice that they have a very dirty history.

    Back in the 1950s, CIA director Allen Dulles, who has an airport named after him, as well as NY Governor, Thomas Dewey helped establish the company. They named it Mary Carter Paint Company. The two leaders were front men for oil tycoon, Dave David Rockefeller, and Rockefeller. If you remember well, Rockefeller was an agent of the Rothschild Syndicate. CIA director, Allen Dulles invested $2M from CIA funds to buy shares in this company. On the surface, it was supposed to be a paint company, but underneath, it was used by the CIA as well as Israel Mossad to launder money from drug trafficking and gambling. The deals outdid the company, and they had to look for something bigger than a paint company. This led to its sudden transformation from selling paints to casino business, and thus they changed their name from Mary Carter Paint Company to Resorts International. The chairman then was, Meyer Lansky, a renowned figure involved in criminal gambling syndicate. He was a Mossad asset and also worked with CIA. David Rockefeller continued financing the operations of the company, which had huge CIA ties.

    The company also received huge finances from Tibor Rosenbaum, a Mossad chief financier, who was known to be involved in arms deals. Baron Edmond was also a notable investor in this company. And now you wonder, why is it that a paint company is attracting investment from wealthy people who are worth billions of dollars? The company expanded and became the most profitable enterprise in the world under the leadership of James Crosby, another guy who had strong links to the CIA. The company began developing Atlantic City so they could boost their revenue.

    However, James did not live long to see the city develop and he died in 1987. That’s when a wealthy New York real estate tycoon named Donald Trump bought Crosby's shares. He now owns 93% of the company. There is one more thing Jake mentioned. After Trump purchased the company, it began to make losses since the real estate market collapsed. He risked losing everything and had to look for financial backing fast to keep the company running. That's when Rothschild Inc., a UK multinational investment banking company established by Nathan Rothschild, a son of Mayer Amstel Rothschild Nathan the founder of Rostow dynasty, came to his rescue. Since then, he has never recovered to pay the debt he owes to this company. In fact, BusinessWeek estimates that he has a negative net worth of over $1.4 billion. Failure to pay these debts would result in most of his possessions being confiscated in a bid to pay the debts.

    During his campaigns, Trump was funded by billionaire Wilbur Ross, who owns Ross Tiles. And when Trump won, Ross, Rothschild’s agent, was made new US Secretary of Commerce. Wilbur Ross is now writing the financial policies that Donald Trump is now backing and implementing as president. Some of the policies proposed include remaking free trades which includes reducing regulations on energy production. This included reduced regulations of oil and energy companies. If you remember the first statement: Follow the Money, you will see where Rothschild will benefit from the Ross and Trump policies on reducing regulation on oil and energy companies.

    Rothschild corporates own Genie Energy, an Israeli company based in New Jersey. The company has renowned members who include Jacob Rothschild. Jacob has been using the government of Qatar to steal oil in Africa. He is also using Genie Oil to steal oil in Syria’s Golan Heights, and together with his cousin, Sir Evelyn, they have been pushing the US and Israel governments to overthrow the Government of President Bashar al-Assad so they can go and steal oil from there as well. That’s why Trump’s Commerce Secretary is formulating policies that will help Rothschild energy corporations.

    This all comes to one point; Trump is not a brilliant businessman; he is a con man with deep-rooted ties to the CIA and Mossad front companies. He failed in his investment and was bailed out by Rothschild family. This shows that he clearly owes them and he has to pay back the money they used to bail his company out of debts. Trump is a toy of the Ross House; he is not fighting them - he is one of them. This according to an exposé done by Jake.

    Jake's youtube video;
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      It is really terrible that the Rothschild have been running things for a while, in clear view and not a single person can or has done anything about it. I feel like things would go a lot smoother if people weren't trying to profit off of everything.

    • LittleReagan
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      What's happening in Syria is truly sad. I have not read too much into the Rothchild theory but I truly feel sorry for the people of Syria. How can we call ourselves Humans and be okay with things like this!

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