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War in Afghanistan


  • War in Afghanistan

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    US Military 2001 - present day

    In the world of today, every person has his own views on what is right and what is wrong but for some who can convince is another story, for those who can convince others in believing what they had thought to be wrong the whole time must have complete knowledge and valid points but for the ones who show you what they want you to see the whole time is termed as deceit, thus there is the power of media as media has no restrictions whatsoever on what side of the picture to show is not always a good thing and the more media are their the more types of different views we get but what if there is only a single media then there is nothing but kayos because a single media would have no different opinions and people will believe in whatever the media portrays whether right or wrong.
    The Control of Media
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    Media is the basis of information that can either showy the truth or display what they believe is true, there is a huge difference in both of these actions as the 90% of the total media is owned by six corporations. For the American republic, media is the source of information and politicians strive to reach the media and believe it or not but media has a great say in which politician is to be granted a voice, from one perspective in 1983 the American media was owned by 50 corporations thus granting the choice to the public but over time these corporations have merged together in controlling every source of our knowledge from what we see to what we read and sometimes these companies control everything from production, control, and distribution and the six companies that control 90% of the media are COMCAST, NEWS CORP, DISNEY, VIACOM, TIME WARNER and CBS. The goal of each company is the same to have better earnings but when the difference between truth and news is not recognized then that is misleading but we do not have any other option other than media, or do we?

    The tragedy of 9/11
    9/11 was one of the worst dates in history when the twin tower fell and the number of casualties of the civilians that occurred on the day was 2,996 and that attack took place with the involvement of Al-Qaeda, a force composed of terrorists who do not have a faith of their own and the tragedy of September 11 is known to be one of the worst days in history but was it really?

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    The Speech that leads to a war in Afghanistan
    After the attack of 9/11 George Bush gave a speech that was heart touching and in that speech he warned the Terrorists to stop their horrible deeds or the US Military would stop the terror by force and while that savior action was taking place many innocent civilians of Afghanistan were being injured as well and their families were getting handicapped or retarded due to the constant kayos and that lead to a war within Afghanistan as they were innocent civilians looking after their families and wanted to get rid of Taliban the most and the Afghans were fighting with the terrorists as well but The United States never stopped providing medical facilities to the Afghan civilians as they were the Afghan’s largest source of medical attention and facilities in that crustal times but in any way the casualties that took place in the War against Afghanistan were more than 20,000 which is exponentially higher than the casualties that took place on 9/11.

    The Iraq War
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    This war took place after the information that the terrorists that were involved in 9/11 were residing in Iraq and so the war took place and blood shad all over the land of Iraq losing innocent lives and the number of Civilian casualties that took during this war was more than 123,000.

    Many soldiers were lost in the war and many families lost their loved ones so aside from the
    hearts and souls to be collapsed of people. Thus leaving a single question in
    the hearts and minds of people “Which was the worst day in history?”

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