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The Afghan war in a gist


  • The Afghan war in a gist

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    U.S.A Soldier facing a Mountain

    The media exists as a tool that appears to benefit the masses and their interests. But that is not entirely true. It is what we are all made to think. In reality, what you see, hear and read is nothing but what the owners wants exposed. That kind of content gets to the public because it serves the interests of the media owners.

    Media Monopoly and Influence
    In the united states, there has been a major shift in the ownership of media companies since the 1980s. For example, by 1983, 50 different companies owned up to 90% of the American Media. By 2015, only six companies own 90% of broadcast companies due to constant acquisitions and mergers.

    Today, what is broadcast in the media is controlled by just 6 major companies:
    1. Disney
    2. News Corp
    3. Viacom
    4. Comcast
    5. CBS and
    6. Time Warner
    The problem with this kind of set up is the lack of variety, and that most of what you see, hear and read is directly influenced and controlled by a few individuals. The content is skewed to suit the commercial agenda of the owners. In reality, the role of the media in controlling how you think is major, yet selfishly manipulative.

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    Afghanistan War: Role of the Press

    After 9/11, the United States found a reason to start war in Afghanistan. Corporate media fueled discussions that the objective was to remove the Taliban from the grips of power and get rid of the terrorist group al-Qaeda. The selfish interests of the Bush administration and near-monopoly media were far from the what the press broadcast at that time.

    For instance, as the war thickened, the media did very little to highlight the plight of innocent Afghanis who suffered physical and emotional loss at the hands of heavy-handed American soldiers.
    Corporate media and the government appeared to be in the same bed. Was it the pain of the 9/11 terror that lead to the two colluding?

    U.S. president George W. Bush, addressing congress, notes that the leadership of the terror group al-Qaeda influenced the decisions and actions of the then Afghani government, Taliban. He explained that through this partnership, many people in the country were starving, brutalized and displaced.

    This story, no surprise, is what corporate press took off with, presenting to the unsuspecting consumers and help the indirect solicitation of their help and endorsement of the war America waged in Afghanistan.

    But what about the actual events that happened on the battleground?

    The Voluntary Blind Eye

    As soon as the war started, what happened on the ground started to appear as something totally different from what the president had told the congress. Brutalization and sheer terror are the least the United States government delivered within the borders of Afghanistan.

    “We expected the Americans to fight the Taliban. Why do they kill my wife, my children?”
    - This was the cry of the Afghani people.

    President Bush said, “The United States respects the people of Afghanistan…”
    The hypocrisy is clear and speaks for itself. The corporate media did not give a voice to the innocent people who were suffering at the hands of America and her allies. This is the voluntary blind eye the press lent to the course of profits for the owners’ pockets.

    Americans were made to believe that the Taliban were friendly and even shared the same course at some point – fighting the Russians. However, their main crime, as purported by the Americans, is that they supported al-Qaeda, provided them with shelter, food, and comfort.

    The terrorist group, on the other hand, had the agenda of claiming American lives and making peace an elusive feeling. To justify the terror on innocent Afghanis, the United States declared (indirectly), that they were guilty by association.

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    The Freedom Agenda
    Freedom, an ideology that has happened to be as subjective as democracy itself, seemed to be at the center of the war in the Middle East. While the United States gave themselves the moral authority to inject freedom and democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan, the mirror that is the corporate media in the states cries foul of the same ideology.
    It is a case of not seeing the speck in your eye but trying to remove that in your neighbor’s eye. Governments and the press are intertwined, sometimes fueling each other’s agenda if not propaganda. Too much of the truth is left out and filtered in order to manipulate the thought process, perceptions, and in the end, solicit support for selfish ideology by the so called super powers.

    Religion under siege

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