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Amazing Facts about Paxful and Why YOU Need to Join Today


  • Amazing Facts about Paxful and Why YOU Need to Join Today

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    What really is Paxful? This is perhaps one of the questions many are asking. The good news is that your question will get comprehensively answered today. Paxful is simply a peer to peer bitcoin platform that connects sellers with buyers.

    It aims at providing people with a secure, fair and simple platform for bitcoin trading. Normally, our greatest challenge revolves around cash, earning and transporting it. Paxful is very committed to unlocking the people's power and capabilities by creating a global peer-to-peer payment platform. Paxful brings together PayPal, Uber and the peoples Wall Street.

    This robust Bitcoin platform has rapidly grown as a firm in the past years but maintaining the exciting and collaborative start-up culture. The procedure of joining Paxful is very simplified. You just need to choose your preferred payment type and method and the number of bitcoins you require.
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ID:	868Why choose Paxful?
    The following are the reasons why this platform is the best for you:

    1. Purchasing is easy. The fact that you are able to buy bitcoin from other people directly makes it simpler. You buy right away just after signing up. You and your sellers conduct payment transactions directly through personal accounts.

    2. Instant live chat is enabled. Immediately you initiate a trade, a seller experienced in this field takes you through the whole process in a one-on-one live chat. Begin by getting an offer you prefer. This is very important for the beginners in this bitcoin arena.

    3. It is very safe and secure. As a buyer, you are fully protected. The system checks and clarifies all the sellers just for your safety and security. Professionally audited security, highest level encryption, escrow, 2-factor and pay with confidence are utilised to realize this.

    What to do on Paxful
    1. Buy bitcoin online. You can purchase bitcoin from sellers on Paxful in real time. The trading transaction occurs via live chat online.

    2. Sell bitcoin. As a Paxful vendor, you can earn large amounts of money at the comfort of your home. Many people do.

    3. Trade with secure escrow. The bitcoin is released directly to your wallet immediately the seller makes and verifies the payment.

    4. Build your reputation. The Paxful creates a reputation and feedback system on the view of the very best business people in the market.

    5. Get a free wallet. Paxful provides you with bitcoin wallet which is the simplest on earth. With this, you cannot make a mistake.

    6. Earn passive income. This bitcoin platform has an affiliate program that enables you to gain bitcoin by directing traffic to your personal affiliate link. Click image for larger version

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    Ways to pay for bitcoins on Paxful

    Paxful caters for everyone. It is for this reason that it has more than 300 ways to make payment for bitcoins. These include:

    1. Gift Cards. The use of Gift cards is acceptable here. You can purchase one with cash at the local drugstore and exchange it for instant bitcoin within the system. It is very instant and private. They include WalMart, BestBuy, GameStop, OneVanilla MasterCard/VISA, Target and Amazon.

    2. Cash Deposits. No bank account or ID required here. You deposit cash to the teller, upload the receipt and there you have your bitcoin in less than an hour. They include Wells Fargo, COOP Credit Unions, Bank of America, MoneyGram, TD Bank and Western Union.

    3. Online Transfers. This one is instant and ID may be a requirement. You just need an online wallet account to instantly buy bitcoin. The PerfectMoney, Paxum, Skrill and PayPal are the examples

    Now you know all about Paxful. It is the best platform for bitcoin trading. Ensure that you join it today. Don't be left out!

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