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Smart Beacon Market 2021 Receives a Rapid Boost in Economy due to High Emerging Demands by Regional Forecast to 2027


  • Smart Beacon Market 2021 Receives a Rapid Boost in Economy due to High Emerging Demands by Regional Forecast to 2027


    A New Market Study, titled “Smart Beacon Market Upcoming Trends, Growth Drivers and Challenges” has been featured on Market Research Future.

    The rising need for outdoor navigation tools is predicted to spur the smart beacon market 2020. The chipset and processors industry reports are produced by Market Research Future, which focusses market possibilities for development. A CAGR of 54% is foreseen to earn income worth USD 25000 million in the projected period.

    The necessity for low-energy Bluetooth technology to transmit signals to proximate smart devices is predicted to induce the smart beacon market share. The escalating demand from retail outlets, offices and airports for smart beacons is estimated to further stimulate the smart beacon market companies in the forecast period.

    Segmental Analysis

    The segmental study of the smart beacon market has been conducted on the basis of connectivity type, end user, beacon standard, component, and region. Based on the components, the smart beacon market has been segmented into service, hardware and software. On the basis of connectivity types, the smart beacon market has been segmented into Wi-Fi, Bluetooth low energy (BLE), and hybrid. Based on the beacon standard, the smart beacon market has been segmented into Eddystone, iBeacon, and others. By the end user, the smart beacon market has been segmented into aviation, education, transportation & logistics, healthcare, BFSI, retail, hospitality, automotive, and others. On the basis of region, the smart beacon market has been segmented the Middle East, North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Central and South America.

    Detailed Regional Analysis

    The regional scrutiny of the smart beacon market is segmented into the Middle East, North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Central and South America. The smart beacon market is estimated to develop at a substantial rate for the duration of the forecast period. The European regional market accounted for the leading market stake in 2018 as firms in this region are approving technologically progressive marketing platforms to attain the shares in the particular markets. The North American region holds the second biggest market stake as this region is believed to be the initial adopter of this technology. The regional market of the Asia Pacific is anticipated to be the speediest growing region due to the mounting traction of the beacon technology in the nations such as Australia and China.

    Competitive Analysis

    The growth restraints of the market are foreseen to be momentous and will need to be neutralized to unlock favorable development in the market. The unsteadiness in the forces of demand and supply is expected to produce an advantageous bearing on the market taken as a whole in the forecast period. The restitution and operations on a daily basis are anticipated to take some time, which will show the way to concentrated development of the backlogs created in delivery. The financial backing provided by the administrations and trade bodies is anticipated to reclaim the situation in the approaching years. The conundrum present in the global market relating to the fundamental assets of the corporations is being optimized to fair the existing pandemic more successfully. The declining effects evident in the market globally are anticipated to stay for the foreseeable future to the scale of impact on the worldwide market. The necessity for tactful analysis of the market cues and demand projections is anticipated to lead to a robust expansion in the market.

    The formidable contenders in the smart beacon market are Bluvision-HID Global Company (US), Leantegra Inc. (US), BlueUp Srls (Italy), Bleesk Benelux Sprl (Spain), Gimbal, Inc. (US), Accent Advanced Systems, SLU (Spain), Swirl Networks (US), Estimote, Inc. (US), Aruba-Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (US), (Poland), Cisco Systems Inc. (US), Sensoro Co., Ltd (US), JAALEE Technology (China), Blue Cats (Australia), Square Metrics GmbH (Germany), Radius Networks Inc. (US), Resono (Netherlands) among name a few.

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    Table Of Contents

    1 Executive Summary
    2 Scope Of The Report

    2.1 Market Definition
    2.2 Scope Of The Study
    2.3 Research Objectives
    2.4 Markets Structure

    13 Company Profiles
    13.1 Estimote, Inc.

    13.1.1 Company Overview
    13.1.2 End User/Business Segment Overview
    13.1.3 Financial Updates
    13.1.4 Key Developments
    13.1.5 SWOT Analysis
    13.1.6 Key Strategies
    13.2 Aruba-Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
    13.2.1 Company Overvie
    13.2.2 End User/Business Segment Overview
    13.2.3 Financial Updates
    13.2.4 Key Developments
    13.2.5 SWOT Analysis
    13.2.6 Key Strategies
    13.3 Kontakt.Io
    13.3.1 Company Overview
    13.3.2 End User/Business Segment Overview
    13.3.3 Financial Updates
    13.3.4 Key Developments
    13.3.5 SWOT Analysis
    13.3.6 Key Strategies
    13.4 Cisco Systems Inc.
    13.4.1 Company Overview
    13.4.2 End User/Business Segment Overview
    13.4.3 Financial Updates
    13.4.4 Key Developments
    13.4.5 SWOT Analysis
    13.4.6 Key Strategies
    13.5 Bluvision-HID Global Company
    13.5.1 Company Overview
    13.5.2 End User/Business Segment Overview
    13.5.3 Financial Updates
    13.5.4 Key Developments
    13.5.5 SWOT Analysis
    13.5.6 Key Strategies
    13.6 Leantegra Inc.
    13.7 Gimbal, Inc.
    13.8 Accent Advanced Systems, SLU
    13.9 Swirl Networks
    13.10 Sensoro Co., Ltd
    13.11 Blue Cats
    13.12 JAALEE Technology
    13.13 Square Metrics GmbH
    13.14 BlueUp Srls
    13.15 Bleesk Benelux Sprl

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