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The Magnificence of 3, 6, and 9!


  • The Magnificence of 3, 6, and 9!

    The Magnificence of 3, 6, and 9!


    Mathematics, the science of numbers was not created by people, but scientists discovered the science of numbers already embedded in the universe. Numbers existed even before the advent of science and this is clearly demonstrated by the natural depiction of numeric patterns in living organism parts such as the animal toes, the sunflower shape, and the shape of the universe.

    Nikola Tesla, one of the most outstanding scientist in the early 20th century realized that numbers carried a deeper significance than they had been thought before. Those who understood the magnificent power in numbers used them to achieve greater feats of success in different aspects of life. And who knows, it could be possible that Tesla used some of these number secrets to come up with great discoveries on Alternating Electric current and its related applications.

    In this article, you will discover the deep significance of the Tesla 3 6 9 code and why it carries so much meaning in the universe. Be sure to read up to the end.

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    The Significance of Numbers Mathematics is the language of the universe.

    The base 10 numbers which start from 0 and go all the way to 9 have a great significance in the universe. For instance, a circle has 360 degrees. Adding the individual digits (3+6+0=9) gives 9. The same answer is derived when we add the degrees which form half a circle i.e. 180 degrees, (9=1+8+0) and even a quarter a circle, i.e. 90 degrees. (9+0=9). The number of months in a year is equal to 12, adding the individual digits gives (1+2=3). The hours in a day are 24, and the addition of the two digits (2+4=6) gives 6.

    These few examples serve to show that mathematics is connected with the universe. The whole universe can be explained using numbers. This includes the movement of planets, the relative position of the sun from the earth, and even the distribution of the stars in the universe. Numbers do not just cover the physical aspects of the universe but go to even a larger extent to cover the unseen power of the universe. From the way things fall to the ground due to gravity to the laws of attraction, numbers form a significant role in all these instances. Thus those who understand the power of numbers are able to tap the power and energy in the universe and use it benevolently.

    The divine logic encompassed in numbers cannot be fathomed using the physical studies of science. A deeper digging into the powers of the universe needs to be done in order to fully comprehend the mysteries contained in numbers. The relation between the numbers represents a harmonious universe and those who understand this get to tap the unlimited possibilities of the universe.

    The Golden Ratio

    This is an intriguing mathematical ratio depicted in different natural objects. This number is derived by dividing a line in such a way that the ratio of the larger part divided by the shorter part of the line is equal to the ratio of the whole line length divided by the length of the larger part. This ratio is not finite but goes on indefinitely forming an infinite number. It is thus usually rounded off the same way the Pi (22/7) of a circle is rounded off to 3.142.

    The Phi, (The number representing this golden ratio) is usually rounded off to 1.618. This golden ratio has other variant names such as the divine ratio, the golden mean, and the divine proportion. There are a lot of ancient architectural and artistic works which exploited the golden ratio to come up with stunning designs and works.

    Interestingly, the golden ratio is also displayed in a myriad of natural objects and phenomena. Firstly, most of the flower petals depict this golden ratio. This divine proportion is also found in seed heads, tree branches, and shells. Telescopic evidence also shows that the universe follows a spiral pattern which obeys the golden ratio rule. From this, it is clear that the golden ratio has more mysteries than just simple mathematical applications. These secrets are yet to be exhaustively discovered but some secret societies use some of these secrets to control events in the physical world.

    The Vortex-based Mathematics

    Vortex in normal usage describes a mass of a fluid which rotates fast and has a tendency to pull objects to its center. An example of a vortex is a whirlwind or a rotating ocean wave. According to Mark Rodin, there is untapped power in a Vortex and it’s the divine power behind the creation. This has some bases considering the fact that the universe is spirally shaped, and most of the destructive power of the wind and water usually follow the vortex patterns.

    In Vortex Math, all the sum of the energies adds up to 3, 6 and 9. Some of the secret societies exploit the geometrical power of this 3 6 9 code to control and govern the world. These interesting patterns are covered in the section below.

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    The Mathematical Description of the Universe

    The base 10 numbers have a great significance in the universe. The mathematical description of the universe is usually rendered in a geometrical circle with 1-9 numbered on the circle. Lines are drawn connecting the numbers depending on the resultant sum of the digits derived after doubling the numbers.

    Taking the digits of each result and adding them together will give us, 1,2,4,5,7, and 8, (0+1=1, 0+2=2, 0+4=4, 0+8=8, 1+6=7, 3+2=5, 6+4=10, which gives us 1+0=1) then the circle repeats itself. Thus the resultant sum will be 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8. This is an infinite sequence which cannot be broken no matter the level of doubling. This sequence is significant as it depicts how energy moves in the physical realm and cannot be destroyed.

    You will thus note that the Nikola Tesla code of 3 6 9 is absent in the above numbers. The numbers 1, 2,4,5,7 represent the physical world while the 3 6 9 represent the divine realm of the physical world. The physical world is influenced by the spiritual world and thus mastering the secrets in the Tesla 3 6 9 code is key to controlling the events in the physical universe.

    Doubling the Nikola Tesla first 2 numbers, i.e 3 and 6 will give interesting series. 3, 6,12,24,48 etc. If the digits are added the result is either 3 or 6. The number 9 is nowhere to be found in the series. However, if we double number 9, we will always get a sum which is equal to 9. For instance, 9, 18, 36, 72; all these numbers add up to 9. Therefore, 9 represents the ultimate power of the universe which if well utilized can help individuals control the physical world which is represented by 1,2,4,5,7,8 series.


    There is much untapped power in the universe. As Nikola Tesla said, if you need to discover the secrets in the universe, you need to view things with a perspective of how much energy they carry, their frequency, and their vibrations.

    Tesla understood these concepts and it is thus not surprising that he patented over 600 patents, and made energy discoveries which revolutionized the US and the whole world.

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      This is so true!!! I’ve actially watched several documentaries on this particular topic and boy oh boy There is something definitely magical with these numbers.

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      I recently came across a youtube video revolving around this topic, I never even knew something like this existed. Nikola Tesla was a real genius.

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