Not just youngsters but even the elderly love to listen to music, especially devotional or classical music. I remember my grandmother used to enjoy listening to songs on the radio while doing household chores. Music definitely makes your routine more fun.

But my granny’s old radio device was not in working condition. So, she was not able to enjoy her favourite music. She doesn’t like to watch TV throughout the day and I observed that she used to miss her favourite FM shows. So, on her birthday, I bought her the best Bluetooth speaker with FM. This speaker is very easy to operate, even by less tech-savvy people like my grandmother. My granny is very happy with her personal Bluetooth speaker with FM. Now she can easily tune into her favourite FM channels to enjoy listening to her favourite radio shows. She listens to music in the morning while walking around on the lawn and in the evenings.

She has even started gardening while listening to some old classical songs on her Bluetooth speaker. I am glad that this simple new-age device has again given her a new spirit to start new hobbies while enjoying music at the same time.