Recently, EA spokespersons had a conversation with players in the Madden 21 gaming community. During the dialogue, they showed a positive attitude towards improvement, which made fans hopeful for the future of Madden NFL series games. Not only that, EA representatives also shared information about game feedback and the progress of its application in the game with players in the form of live stream.

This is a very big improvement. In the past, EA used to resolve disputes in the community about the shortcomings of the game by appeasing players, telling them that EA has heard their opinions on the game, and plans to Buy MUT 21 Coins release more relevant information in the near future. But this measure has not been recognized by players. When players discovered in August that they still couldn't get the Franchise Mode they wanted in Madden 21, they started bombarding information in Madden 21's gaming community and the official Twitter comment section, such as repeatedly posting #FixMaddenFranchise.

For me, one improvement worth appreciating is the enhancement of Ball-Carrier's Run Styles and Parameters. In particular, the developers subdivided the athlete's running posture when holding the ball, instead of simply perfecting and filling it, which brought a very good game experience to the player.

The Detailed Notes on Beta Feedback are Impressive
2K could take some pointers from the way EA shares its notes from community feedback. The detailed breakdowns from the beta feedback are the equivalent of taking note of an individual speak, without interrupting, and saying, “if I’m hearing you correctly, what I heard you say is...”
This is a reassurance someone has been heard and it inspires confidence that their concerns are addressed. On the opposite hand, it also creates accountability, because EA is confirming they’re tuned in to what its fans didn’t like.
Speaking of accountability, let’s talk Madden franchise mode.

Madden Franchise Update
It’s good to determine EA remains seemingly committed to addressing the problems with its franchise mode, because it is creating a stronger concept of accountability. Meaning, it’s hard to imagine EA would have its Executive Producer (Seann Graddy), Community Manager (Kraelo) and one in all its most-visible developers (Oldenburg) publicly address a fixable issue with their game, and not a minimum of provide some concrete plan and evidence of execution within the subsequent six months.

The loyal fans of the Madden Franchise mode look forward to EA's ability to effectively improve the feature before the arrival of mid-August. If EA can accomplish this goal through actual actions, it will be a signal of goodwill to players, which can greatly increase the player's trust in game developers. In any case, it is very important to prepare for the upcoming game before the official release of Madden 21. If you can get a large amount of Madden 21 Coins as soon as possible after the game is released, it will be very helpful to your victory in the game. If you have not tried to buy Madden Coins before, then I am very happy to recommend MMOSPT to you. MMOSPT is a third-party game service website with many years of sales experience, aiming to provide players with the cheapest Madden 21 Coins. Buy cheap Madden 21 Coins at MMOSPT, you will get the most comfortable buying experience.