Many World of Warcraft players have encountered a weird and creepy malfunction on the Khadgar server. This malfunction is reducing the level of their character from 120 to 85 or so. In fact, this was when the Cataclysm was released in 2010. Upper limit. Except for funding, some people even find that their characters imitate the armor and weapons they wore in that era, while some people are logging in and find that the characters have completely disappeared. Fortunately, Blizzard is investigating the cause and confirming that the player’s data in the game will not be deleted.

Reports on these issues first began to appear on the Vanilla WOW Gold World of Warcraft forum, and players had heated discussions late yesterday. But YouTuber MadSeasonShow said in a video released not long ago that almost every one of his more than a dozen roles has been changed or lost. MadSeasonShow explained that it is strange that he now has a new 81-level death knight character called "Bagina", which is actually just an old version of the 110-level death knight BadSeason he changed his name a few years ago. In addition, a warlock he deleted at the same time also returned to his account, as if nothing happened. It's really strange.

MadSeasonShow also noticed that many of his characters are in different positions after he quit the Cheap WOW Classic Gold game, and some of them even belonged to chat channels created by players, which he once belonged to in Cataclysm.

Although Blizzard has not yet explained what went wrong, it has acknowledged the problem on the forum and said it is investigating it. Blizzard’s customer support representative said that the original high-level role does not seem to disappear, so their team is studying the cause of this problem, how to prevent the problem from continuing to develop, and how to return access to the high-level role.

However, it seems that somehow much older character data backups have been merged with the current version of the game. As many players have pointed out, Khadgar is currently merging with another server to help increase its number of players, which may explain this situation.

Therefore, please don't panic if you find that characters are missing or suddenly look young for ten years while playing in Khadgar. Hope it will be resolved soon so that players can start again. In a comment from World of Warcraft, a player stated that his guild was close to Khadgar and was the first guild to defeat the most recent raid on the highest difficulty. However, due to the lack of the role of the main tank, he had to postpone future attempts. That must be frustrating.

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