To those courageous players who need to see Cannibal Island for themselves, they should initially guarantee that their game is refreshed with the most recent fix. Once refreshed, the NPC Luna, who encourages visits to Dream Islands will be added to the game To visit a Dream Island, players should basically rest on any bed on the island, and rather than simply resting in bed, players will be moved to a cloud-filled region with Luna.

In the principal wave of the late spring 2020 update to Animal Crossing Bells: New Horizons, players were acquainted with swimming and jumping and a large group of new critters to discover, get, and give or sell as remote ocean animals. These are critters, similar to fish, that players can get by preparing a Wet Suit and plunging to the sea depths off the shore of their islands. The new ocean animals added some genuinely necessary substance to the game, better approaches to give to Blathers at the Museum, and another wellspring of ringers for players hoping to capitalize on the copies they get while building an assortment.