The other large change is an auxiliary one. After your first night's rest on the island MMOBC, Tom Nook will come to you with the feared bill — that very enormous whole of cash he neglected to enlighten you concerning before you consented to set up on the island. Just this time, you don't need to pay the advance with money. Rather, there's another component called "Alcove Miles," which appears as an application on your cell phone.

Basically, it's an objective based framework that lets you procure miles by doing regular ACNH Items stuff. Things like getting fish, talking with neighbors, and essentially whatever else will procure miles that will go toward taking care of your underlying credit, just as open new garments and things. It's a method of adding a few objectives to the generally open-finished New Horizons interactivity, yet without constraining them on you since they're discretionary. In any case, apparently the miles may just apply to the underlying advance, and you'll require real cash to in the long run update your home.