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Don't Enroll If You Are Not 100% Sure

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  • Don't Enroll If You Are Not 100% Sure

    I am a college dropout. I wasn't ready for college but my parents backed me into a wall. I had to go or I had to move out. At the time, I couldn't afford to live on my own. While I didn't have to pay anything for school upfront... When I slowly slipped into a sticky situation of flunking out and missing classes, overall just losing interest... Everything came crashing down. Higher education is a great thing BUT only when you have an idea of what you want in life. Most 18-year-olds don't and I was one of them. Had I waited a few years, it would have been better.

    Don't be like me. If you are not sure, don't let anyone force you into going. You don't want to waste the time, the money, or your life on something you'll regret.

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    Just follow your passion, there are many successful business men out there who did not have a college degree but became very successful.


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      I switched colleges in the middle because I chose a major I was pressured into and not one I was passionate about.


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        I was lucky enough to have not gone at all. I had skills with computers that I self-taught myself as a teen so I landed a great job. I earn more than my sister who spent 6 years in an expensive university. She has been working at Starbucks for 2 years now and still can't find a job in her field. I started working when I was 19 for the company I am with now and I am earning over 45k a year which isn't a whole lot but it is more than most my age.


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          I took some time off from school after graduating and I think it was a smart choice. A lot of my friends ended up going right away and they are in the same position as me only with loads of debt. I think it is smart to wait until you are sure.


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