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Has anyone attempted making an app?

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  • Has anyone attempted making an app?

    I have an idea for an app that I have not seen done yet. I don't want to say it on here and risk someone taking the idea...

    So without saying what my idea is, I want to know if anyone else here had an idea themselves and actually went through and developed it.

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    I wish I could say I have. I had a few cool ideas for animated wallpapers which is one of the easiest things to make but I could never get it off the ground. I just don't know how to develop that kind of thing on my own.


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      I would like to learn how to do it and become a freelance app developer. I'm trying to learn online but having the hard time grasping everything. I think I need to take an online course for this.


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        I did, once. It was one of those calendar widgets. I got ads put on it and did make some money from it but since I didn't continue to update it, it became null in about 2 years. I think in total, for those two years from ad revenue, I made close to 15 grand. It was easy side money. I used it to pay off some of my debts.


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          A friend of mine and I made a social app way back when apps were less complex. It was nothing special but it was fun to make. A lot of things were broken but what did work, we were proud of it.


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            I've been learning Java for a couple of years now, but I've never played around with the Android SDK. It's a big beast to tackle so if you are going to try it for the first, start small.

            The other option is to hire someone to do it for you, but this can be very expensive.


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              You should look into a progressive web app (PWA).
              It can turn your mobile website into an app that you can submit to the Google Play/Apple App Store. You only pay the developer fees. It's a really good alternative.


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