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Why do people fear getting older?

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  • Why do people fear getting older?

    I was thinking about this last night and thought I should ask here. I just joined so may as well start deep!

    Why do you think people fear getting older? I once thought it had to do with getting closer to death but now I am not too sure about that anymore. Older people don't seem to fear death.

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    I don't think it is so much death as it is suffering. The thought of spending your last few years in a retirement home stuck in bed is scary. That, and the general look of getting older. Most people do not age well at all.


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      Fear of suffering seems to be the biggest deal or even fear of loss. The thought of growing old and living to see a spouse or friend die has to be hard.


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        I don't fear getting old, it just means that we are doing our best to stay healthy. What I fear is accident or sickness that could decrease my lifespan. That is why healthy habits is important for me.


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          I fear the changes in my appearance and the higher health risks that come with age. I am not so afraid that I worry myself over it because I know that will only make both worst but I think it is perfectly natural to not like aging and fear it.


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            I think it is knowing time is going by. Like when you are 14, you dream of being older... go 20 years ahead, and you think of your younger years.


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              I remember when I was younger, the summertime felt like it went on forever. Those three or so months off from school felt like a year in and of itself. As I got older, the time seemed to go by faster. I think it has to do with that. Time goes faster the older you get and the fear of not doing enough or not having done enough sets in.


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