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Does music encourage bad behaviors?

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  • Does music encourage bad behaviors?

    I am asking this in terms of any age group. Music seems to inspire people to do wonderful things but also very destructive things. A lot of music adds appeal to dishonesty, cheating, stealing, drug use, sleeping around, and basically all anti-family ideas. I think it also puts people in a state of mind where they don't want to have children either, at least not until they are much older in which case, the chances drastically go down.

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    I think it does for a lot of people. I mean I have seen some people do the stupidest things while listening to "low-brow" music.

    At the same time, how can a song really sway someone's mind on anything unless they are that desperate all ready to act out?


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      I think teens are more vulnerable to being influenced by some lyrics, specially hip-hop, they day dream a lot about of being a gansta, being rich and having a thrilling and luxury lifestyle, some of them really want to being in a gang.
      Bust most people old and young will never act such fantasies.


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