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Immigrants being taken advantage of?

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  • Immigrants being taken advantage of?

    So I heard on the news about a woman who immigrated to the US by the books. Part of the requirement was to get bloodwork, vaccines, and a general physical exam. She didn't complete everything so was told to go to another doctor to finish the paperwork. The first doctor didn't fill out everything and didn't even fully test her. Turns out, the doctor wasn't even in the building 2 months after the fact and he ripped her off. She has to get all the bloodwork and such done again and they are investigating the issue with the state.

    It had me thinking... How often does this sort of thing happen? I feel like there are doctors out there just looking to make a fast buck and don't properly follow immigration medical laws.

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    I am sure this happens a lot in all countries. It is a sad reality. A doctor I went to growing up was scamming insurance companies by charging for things patients didn't have done. Soon as people caught wind of it, they fled the state and "retired".


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      I am not even sure anything could be done about this. I know a bit about malpractice and you can't actually sue a doctor or hospital for being half-assed (pardon my language) with their general examination UNLESS a disease or illness is overlooked like cancer.


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        I imagine this happens more often than we think, especially for those immigrating from outside of the West.

        They don't know how things work over here, how are they to find out. A doctor is someone in a position of authority and an immigrant would be inclined to trust them.

        However, this could be career suicide for a doctor so I think some would never even try.


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          It doesn't surprise me that there are people of this profession willing to do something so shady for the sake of money. I knew a teacher growing up who would take money for grades. No one wanted to rat him out because he was helping people with half a brain graduate high school.


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            Immigration is way too complex and time consuming anyway. I know it's mostly because of 9/11 but the current state of it is ridiculous. It shouldn't take that long to screen people nor should it take hundreds of forms and often tens of thousands of dollars. Crazy.


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