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However on the WFH front, your situation is the same for some others here in Jagex too

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  • However on the WFH front, your situation is the same for some others here in Jagex too

    However, OSRS gold got better and from the 3rd month I was back up to full pace, possibly even more efficient than working in the office since there wasn't any annoying meetings and beurocracy taking time up. So after 3 months of working from home, there is one update almost ready. There's still something incorrect. Some individuals will have it worse than others due to family etc. However, by this point problems must be sorted out. Jagex should be providing employees to do their job if this really is a long term thing. The games and technology industry ought to be among the best suited sectors when it comes to working from home.

    Adapting the approach into the reduced capacity sounds like this monthly update thing is temporary until you can work from the office? Or can it be a permanent thing to manage workload? Which are"present plans"? Before the plans were shelved, it would have been nice to understand that these. Are these gaps a 3/6/12 month gaps between big update/expansions? And by changing plans does this mean no longer doing large updates/expansions?

    Honestly, I'm fine with this if it did sound a little PR'y since they're throwing themselves at it to be fair. A staff actively look to react and find opportunity in a situation that affects production output is very rare in my experience. It might have been easier from a development perspective to stay the course and only accept the slower delivery cadence - and many teams would choose that option and throw the COVID justification.

    Speaking as a witness to itmanagement is no small endeavor. There's a huge knock on in so many areas - brainstorms upon brainstorms, scoping, reformatting teams, working out how to make meaningful content on much smaller timeframes and so on. That all takes time, work and a great deal of coordination - then you have to go execute on it. But the hope is that this is the right way to go to deliver more additive material and prevent big gaps.

    However on the WFH front, your situation is the same for some others here in Jagex too, but maybe not for many (particularly those with children or less than ideal work environments). We have inner Wellness surveys which people respond to combined with Production Estimates that have proven the gradual decrease in productivity - last quote was over 30% down. I could safely say I not functioning and more emotionally taxed in my best in these circumstances. It's a challenging situation for many.

    On permanent or temporary approach: That is an adaptation to our situation. We wish to go back to those Archaeology sized content hits later on. If this approach is actually popular, Nevertheless, I can not imagine we wouldn't take cues from that in our article remote-working plans. To the stuff we declared at Runefest - which were all pieces of content: This refers on the plan.

    We declared Orthen remains in the works today and - more long duration - EGWD has a team continuing to move this slowly. The goal is to deliver meaningful Small and Medium additive content more often (like the next Alchemical stuff we discussed today), together with occasional hits of bigger content (something like Orthen). In terms of that cadence or dates for larger content strikes, we have plans on how frequently we would like that to be but it's not something that we're in a position to communicate now. As we get into the rhythm of this new production strategy, we'll start to build a more consistent image and speak timelines at a little more confidence.

    Jagex has had a history of saying all the right things, getting people hyped, not delivering what they said they went to deliver. Community complains, the ideal things are eventually said by Jagex, promises things will change, people get hyped they under deliver. Repeat. Warden promising to be transparent and stay tuned to your roadmap in January!!! We got nothing and he has said no buy RS3 gold roadmap is currently coming.
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