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The quests try to be fascinating and varied

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  • The quests try to be fascinating and varied

    Do you have RS gold any examples? Because I really disagree. Ironman is slayer simulation and basically every ironman centric update I can think of was only making matters less cancer for no fantastic reason. Like mining that is sandstone. I suppose they fixed"Zulrahman manner" when they upgraded her fall table that was a step in the perfect direction, but it would truly be good if slayer wasn't the perfect way to get money AND skilling supplies. The shift to directors dropping bulk provided that began a few years ago with zulrah hurt long-term ironman's appeal. Being able to get a huge quantity of the resources you require just by bossing or coaching slayer is pretty lame.

    Meanwhile I have logged 250 ehp in my ironman lol that was f2p. The quests try to be fascinating and varied. Evidently, if you consult with a quest guide to prep all of the materials beforehand, do not read any of this dialogue, and try to blitz them as fast as possible, you're likely to feel like an errand boy. Because you've stripped out the portions of the quests that aren't errands. And, why I (and likely others) keep playing is because there's so many distinct things to do. I keep a record continually adding onto and eliminating things out of it. When I get sick of doing a single task, I could do among those half a dozen other things I'd lined up anyhow.

    Unlike when I played f2p, I never feel as though I am doing a grind for its own sake, it always feels like it ties in to something else I wish to unlock/want to do. And because there's a lot of connective tissue involving the skills/quests/unlocks/diaries, that thing you're slogging through right now will, at some point, assist you with something that you truly want to do. I really don't feel like I'm mining since I want a mining level to mine with. Now I'm mining because I need a coal bag to speed my smithing to make money faster to train everything else quicker to acquire more unlocks. It is really satisfying to want to do something (such as a quest or sth) and realize that you only have a couple of requirements to do it, because you did the rest of these in support of other things you wanted sooner.

    Can't wait until I have my quest cape. Let us get that 70 hunter. Frankly, I like the ride for what it really is. Between work and using a baby on the road, RuneScape is. MMOs are from the question due to the time necessary to mill at a computer while ACTIVELY.

    While I want to sit down and play a game, I will do the things that require more intensive focus to OSRS, but that I do not lose progress due to my hectic lifestyle. I like the different benchmarks Runescape offers. I killed Jad a couple of months before and fought, and I was ecstatic. I am currently grinding out 99 runecrafting to your lols and memes (it'd be my first 99 and I'm now at 88). I enjoy the neighborhood and the content creators. There is so much lore to Runescape that makes visiting the subreddit worth it. This game is excellent for what it is. I take pleasure in the elevator ride.

    The something that has been talked about is still suspected by me, and will be the artifact from that and the desert used to generate the pantheon. We never hear about any other gods being able to only bestow godhood on individuals to create them lesser gods, the nearest was Guthix who had been super powerful (BECAUSE of his most older artifact interactions) and forced us a type of anti-god, and most existing gods we all know got that way by ascending either by killing an existing god or by use of an elder artifact.

    You're telling me one day this arbitrary god Tumeken who is powerful enough to make lesser gods at will only begun exploring the desert, seen a monkey and said"you're a god now"? I don't buy this, and I buy it even less Tumeken could be so powerful and yet his existence be irrelevant to the existence of the elder god artifact in his domain name. Would Jagex even aim to get a elder god OSRS Money artifact in the desert if it wasn't/has played some kind of role.
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