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Clan Citadels don't seem to be very helpful

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  • Clan Citadels don't seem to be very helpful

    When this is RS gold contrary to the rules, sorry, please delete it. The insect does not hurt anybody and I did not observe a principle against'fun' insect abuse. It won't be around long and it isn't in the spirit of these principles to inflict punishments on players which use glitches to no harm or effect on the game as a whole. Tutorial Island is somewhat buggy but fine for nostalgia purposes: it is a highly desirable glitch to test out and doesn't hurt anybody. I just figured that you people might appreciate it seeing as so many people have fond memories of this place.

    Ever desired to reevaluate Tutorial Island? Now you can! A small bug in the battle beta makes this accessible for members. Here's how: Place your normal personality on the hunter emblem by the portal site for the recent hunter DnD. Log out and tap into the beta. Run around the walls that are imperceptible to the shore of tutorial island. There's no wall on the shore building, so enter it and climb the ladder down.

    One year on, Clan Citadels don't seem to be very helpful. Basically, the purpose is that you can grind and find a slightly prettier building. But the building itself isn't very helpful and doesn't do much. The only real reward is the xp you get doing it, which sounds fine but it is hardly the first point of those. So far as I can tell, these features are quite useless:

    Parliament room within the keep, along with most of the large used spaces at the citadel. Sit in the edges, and you can not listen to the speaker. Crowd about, and you may also be meeting anywhere else. Why can your clan even meet all together in match? Why not have something worth owning there, in the prime area? Clan avatars. A good deal of work for very little gain, the most effective is that a 6 percent xp increase =4 minutes off in one hour. Not much. Great tech that got press standard gaming websites, but does anybody use them? If people want a war, they visit Clan Wars or even the Wilderness. Battlefields are too inclined to be one-sided or merely odd.

    Add it to cheap School RS Gold the fact that besides the xp gain, a clan citadel does nothing for you in runescape proper. The clan cape has three stars and the vexillum has fireworks. Is that really it?

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