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  • RuneScape is a Work simulator

    RuneScape is a Work simulator

    Years past (mid 2006) I had to OSRS gold create a four password. I really didn't have a clue what to put down so that I simply decided that the initial four letter phrase I could think of would be my password. For whatever reason that was become yuan (out of Yuanrang. Yuan is also a currency but I was not thinking in this way). After a few of months I decided that was too hard to sort and I shifted it to dani (from Danijerika who is currently known as Arianna). I needed to use that password/account for many years but now I no longer use it. Occasionally I wonder what caused me to think of yuan earlier four letter phrases most teenagers would think about like"bbal" or"sexy" but I suppose I had been in a weird mood that day:P.

    So go ahead and discuss ways runescape (or even those forums) has impacted your life. They are sometimes really minor or significant. RuneScape is a work simulator. It prepares you for work in the actual world. The game is focused on grinding or what I like to call dull repetitive tasks. You do stuff that is not especially enjoyable to acquire gp, you spend the gp on things that is fun, repeat. You may too switch it out to get a real job. Seriously, what do you do at a bread factory?

    You press a button to pour a few bread, you press a button to pour some flour, you press a button to pour a few bread. After a few hours your manufacturing supervisor will come and let you rotate, after which you will press a button to decrease the bread, then press a button to decrease the bread, press a button to cut the bread. How about a job at the movie theater? You take the money, you give them a ticket, you sweep the floor, repeat. Does not that sound exactly like woodcutting or mining or how you train the remainder of your abilities? Might also earn a 1,000 real dollars per week as opposed to rack up the virtual stuff.

    Don't get burned out playing RuneScape.

    I had NEVER heard of this word"tinderbox" until I played RS. I'd no idea ( and for me to understand afterwards like you!) That iron was an unstable resource and only like ingame would sometimes fail miserably. .about cheap RS gold the steel. Because RS was my first ( and really ) just mmorpg that I enjuoy to play I heard a lot of my current day slang from RS. So now I know all about those"rofl" and"lol" and"noobs" that you guys talk about.
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