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Brew will give me 89 hp and 92 def (great?)

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  • Brew will give me 89 hp and 92 def (great?)

    I can drink boil and RuneScape 2107 gold revive and run in first. Brew will give me 89 hp and 92 def (great?) . I will prot. From melle while my buddy prot. from ranged. Once bandos is dead, we kill each guard 1 at a time. IF we can get it done , my friend sits in NW corner and I sit at middle and att general when he uttered. Question: do I need a sara item too or am I good? So, can I move or not? Any suggestions to my plans? Armors and ammy and weapon: Strength ammy, rune scimmy, and full rune with zammy kite he was using the aggressive mode.

    We Don't Have Any Food or Prayers on. With...?! How come he possessed me??? I have better stats than him exept strength and keep hitting 0s on him? And he keeps hitting large amount on me? Fudge! I've 52 attack!!! 52 assault!!! My 52 attack was suposed to pwn his 48 defence!!! How can this really be hopeless?!

    Okay, so I'm going to be a member shortly, after I train some of my own stats. I just want to know what would be some good things to train or do after I become a part. I really don't have a lot of cash atm, but I could get some fairly quickly. I only have about 300k in money right now, rather than much junk. I plan on buying an abby whip the moment I can, but idk what else to do. I am fond of quests, so I will do these, but which ones would be best to begin on?

    Hello I'm pretty new and wondered if magic is a good place to start, I left my account a couple of months ago and was able to get up my magic to 21. I appear to recall when I played I could get totally free runes in the lady beyond the castle but she will not give them to me any more for some reason. So I've started doing runecrafting. The spell I need to cast to train my magical at this level is seemingly Wind Bolt (air and chaos runes needed) so if I just keep mining Wind and Chaos runes to fund my magical skill?

    It is a bit of a mission doing the mining, so I have to run into the wizards tower, then get 30 blank runes then all of the way into the atmosphere altar, then forth and back. Is there a more efficient way of doing it? I also obviously need chaos runes, should I only get a chaos talisman? If so where can I access it? Thank you for any information, I have tried asking players in game. . But no one appears to have the ability to speak or spell correctly. . Something else I am somewhat puzzled by. I suppose it gets better once you enter member worlds? I hear they're good red charm droppers so want to buy OSRS gold try them. What invo and ect...

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