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Prison Island?

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  • Prison Island?

    I know this is a bit of a far-fetched idea, but I think it could benefit a lot of people.

    Instead of having high time criminals be sent to prisons locally, they should have an actual prison island. This way, there is no way for them to escape and communities will be safer. I think it would also make it a lot intimidating. The idea of just going to prison is bad but going to an island away from everyone has to be a lot harder to fathom and may put people off crime. Not all but some.

    Do you think something like this could ever work?

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    I've thought about this too lol! Is there any other alcatraz type prisons out there nowadays?


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      I think this is something that could work but not right now. It would cost FAR too much to buy the land and build such a complex building and you know we'd be paying for a lot of it with our tax dollars.


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        This would cost A LOT of money. While I do like the concept and the idea of it I just can't see it happening anytime soon. They need to focus on getting the wall build and stabilizing illegal immigrant. That alone is going to cost the country a fortune. Selfish people don't consider others I guess.


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          I think stripping away a persons humanity is what they try not to do.


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            There is a lot wrong with the state of prisons in the US but this won't solve anything. It would likely lead to prisoners being neglected and abused more than they already are.


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