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  • Asking for a raise...

    Have you ever had experience in asking for a raise at work?

    I have been with the same company for 10 years now and feel I deserve a raise. I am just not sure how to go about asking. I have not gotten a raise in the last 6 years and I am one of the top workers in the building. What should my approach be for this? I really could use the extra money.

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    I never asked for a raise and I regret it. My last job I had where I got laid off, had I asked for a raise and been promoted, I would still have a job there. 2 years after the fact, I learned that they would have given it to me and wanted me in that position but assumed I couldn't handle it because at the time, I was caring for an ill family member.

    My advice... Just ask.


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      I have, twice. Once I was shot down. The second time I was promoted. You can't give up on yourself and you need to be confident when you ask.


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        I remember when my brother was going to ask for a raise. He was fed up with feeling underpaid and underappreciated.

        The week he decided to go in and ask for a raise, they had massive layoffs. He nearly was let go. He knew asking for a raise would likely prompt them to can him.

        Point being, if you need to ask, you are likely being undervalued anyways.


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          So I still don't know what to do.. LOL I appreciate the answers but they pulled me in two directions. It makes sense that if I need to ask, I am undervalued but at the same time, some people just forget to give out raises, especially in smaller companies.


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            I have asked just once and received what I asked for.

            If you are a valuable member of the company and not easily replaceable, you should ask. You can also tell them you've received another job offer in the same field but would prefer to stay at the company you're with now.


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              It depends on your position at the company. If you quit tomorrow, how easy would it be to replace you? If the answer is very easy, you probably won't get a raise. If the answer is not so easy at all, you have a great chance and should ask. Some companies pay extra for loyalty as well, if you've been there a long time and never cause an issue, odds are in your favor.


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