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Being an Entrepreneur... Easy or Hard?

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  • Being an Entrepreneur... Easy or Hard?

    I know some people online who say they wish they never went to school because they could have been earning 6 figures in less than 5 years working online over going in debt and wasting their youth. I am not sure about the ins and outs of it all and have no experience here so I am asking... Is being an entrepreneur hard? Is it easy? Do people often overlook things?

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    It depends on your mindset. If you feel you can be a great online shop owner, or writer, or artist and you do the work to achieve that, then it is easy. If you have half a toe in the water and drag your feet through every small goal, it will be a challenge.


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      Everything could be learned, nothing is easy from the start. Most successful entrepreneurs failed a lot of time before they finally got the break and found success.


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        As mentioned, you need the mindset for it. You need to be able to not be afraid of failure and use it as a tool to meet your end goals. I'd say it takes a lot of discipline but it isn't hard.


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          I think it can be but easy doesn't mean it won't take any work. If you did 2 hours of work a day to push for your dream it will feel easier but it will take time and commitment.


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            Anything which has potential to give manifold returns is seldom easy.

            The thing with entrepreneurship is that You are your own Boss. Whatever effort and skill you put in are for yourself. You are not slugging out for someone else. More, Your enterprise has potential to grow Many Many times over. Your $10K startup can grow to $10B. Your $10K salary never will grow to $10B. Another thing is, You will pass on your enterprise to your next generation, You can't pass on your Job.


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