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    I see a lot of people turning to this way of life. You basically size down what you own and then you only focus on buying things you absolutely need.
    This, in turn, will leave more money in your pocket and less clutter in your home or apartment.

    Do you think more people should practice this way of life?

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    I think for some it would benefit them. Everyone should cut back but the way the market works is tricking people into buying more. Like we don't NEED televisions or the latest iPhones... We don't NEED a brand new car or a brand new house... But people are suckered into it.


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      I want to get to this point when I buy my first home. I want it to be big enough for my family, pets, etc. but I want it to be free from clutter and junk.


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        There is a lot of thing we dont need, things that just are gathering dust in our homes. I had to clean several times a year to rid of all those things and having my house as clean as clear as possible, it looks great when only the important stuff is there.


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          I'm a minimalist because I want my house free from unnecessary clutter and things. This way of life is really convenient.


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