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Is faith part of the bridge to good health?

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  • Is faith part of the bridge to good health?

    I commonly see people saying you have to eat right and exercise to be in good health but no amount of exercise or proper eating will help with mental or emotional stress. I once read that the leading cause of most illnesses in the world is down to a stress response in the body, a big part of that being mental stress.

    Faith in something is said to help ease the day to day stress and keep you focused, grateful, and full of hope.

    Do you think so many people are still sick today because of a lack of faith in a higher power?

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    It's not something I'd rule out. I'm quite healthy and mentally sound despite a lack of faith. I don't rule it out entirely and I still believe there could be a higher power but I just haven't found the way to faith yet.


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      To me, faith a delusion that people use successfully to achieve good health. Whether it's appropriate to use a delusion to achieve good health is questionable to me. though


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