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What did the Ancient Egyptians believe in?

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  • What did the Ancient Egyptians believe in?

    Some say it was about religion, others say cult-related beliefs, then you have another group that believes they were in touch with aliens and their "beliefs" were based on the lessons from them.

    What did they actually believe in and follow back then?

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    The ancient Egyptians were a polytheistic people. Gods created the universe and maintained order, but they were also involved in everyday life.

    Egyptians believed that a long time ago, only chaos existed. Out of chaos a hill emerged (called the Benben). The first god, Atum, was sitting on the hill.

    Atum, realising he was alone, created two children called Shu and Tefnut. His children left to create the world. Shu and Tefnut were away for a long time so Atum sent his eye to look for them. Shu and Tefnut returned with Atum's eye and he was so grateful the eye started crying. The tears dropped to the earth on the hill and from them the first humans were created!

    These humans had nowhere to live, however, and so Shu and Tefnut mated and gave birth to Geb (the earth) and Nut (the sky). Geb and Nut, though brother and sister, fell deeply in love and were inseparable. Atum found their behaviour unacceptable and pushed Nut away from Geb, high up into the heavens. The two lovers were forever able to see each other but were no longer able to touch. Nut was already pregnant by Geb, however, and eventually gave birth to Osiris, Isis, Set, Nephthys, and Horus – the five Egyptian gods most often recognized as the earliest (although Hathor is now considered to be older than Isis). These gods then gave birth to all the other gods in one form or another.


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      I believe a lot of what they believed in was rooted within Pagan beliefs.

      They often used the stars and the sky to map time, pay honor, point sacrifices, and many believe the pyramids were thought to serve as portals to the heavens.


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