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Why does everyone seek to be different if deep down everyone wants to fit in?

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  • Why does everyone seek to be different if deep down everyone wants to fit in?

    I noticed that a lot of people, especially teens and young adults, want to stand out and be different from everyone. Being different usually results in less popularity, fewer friendships, and fewer life opportunities. On the flip side, almost everyone wants to fit in at the same time.

    I feel like "being different" is the new "fitting in". Just like tattoos. People get them to stand out and be different but tons of people are getting them today so no one really stands out from just getting them anymore.

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    I believe both can be achieved at the same time.
    Are we not friends with others because of their unique differences? Being friends with people exactly like you would be very boring I think.
    Of course there are those who pretend to be whatever is popular only because it results in more friends, even though they aren't true friends. Those people are usually not very happy.


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      We are social creatures. We need socializing to be mentally and emotionally happy. Sometimes people feel the need to "sell out" or change themselves in order to achieve that.


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        I find that people like to feel special but not excluded. This means they want to be surrounded by people that love them but they also want to stand apart from them and be different. I don't know if that makes sense.


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          I don't have an answer for this that would explain it but based on my experiences, people just want to be loved by as many people as possible. Some are greedy about it.


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