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Is time a great illusion?

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  • Is time a great illusion?

    I once knew a person online who believed time was the biggest hoax there was. Time not only didn't exist to them, but the illusion of time we supposedly have was made entirely by humanity to rob us of life, happiness, and spirituality.

    Want to dive deeper? Check out this video and share your thoughts!

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    I never thought much on this. He mentioned the time we know, like seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years... I do think that is just a tool to keep order in our society but "true time" does exist. We see it in the aging process of ourselves and plants, animals, etc.


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      Stephen Hawking's view on it is really perplexing. i just can't fathom it's mystery.


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        I think that time exists only the state of which we believe it does. I know as "time" goes on we grow and age but maybe it is just a series of life and death and not really one of time.


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          I never really considered this but time does pass whether our concept of it is right or not. Like you can see it is real through the aging process.


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            Measurement of time is a human thing, we label and organize everything and is useful, in the nature time is real, we get old everyday, or planet isnt the same, it changes over centuries.
            But in the big scheme of things maybe time is imperceptible and irrelevant, really slow as the formation of planet and stars.
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