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Have you ever had an experience with "the unknown"?

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  • Have you ever had an experience with "the unknown"?

    Be it, aliens, demons, or spirits/ghosts... Have you ever had any experiences with something, not of this world?

    I love reading people's stories and would love it if you all would share some with me. I never have but have had friends tell me their stories and they fascinate me!

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    I've had a few family members with ghost experiences but never to myself.


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      When I was younger I had a pet cat. He would sleep with me every night. I woke up and went to the bathroom one night and heard scratching on the door so I told him to wait a second and I looked down to see him next to me in the bathroom. I hurried and opened the door to hear footsteps running down the steps and no one was there. It freaked me out.


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        I had something happen to me when I was staying at my cousin's house when I was a teen. I felt this bad energy trying to pull me off the sofa in my sleep. I woke up and saw a cloaked figure float into the kitchen. It was the scariest thing I had ever seen!


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          I had this happen the other day... I was taking a shower and heard a banging on the door. I was the only one in my apartment. I scrambled to get out the shower so fast I still had soap on me. I slowly opened the door to find my CAT! I think she was jumping at the door lol


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            I never believed in ghosts...spirits aka demonic / angelic yes. Aliens, yes, because of what I've witnessed with my own two eyes. Several times. Chemtrails, NOPE. Not even those after reading a classified folder...SO, the ghost. I work at a very chic boutique hotel that used to be a famous persons home and guests back in the early 1900's. Can still see the original foundation through the basement. I was always told since working there that it's haunted. But never negative stories or feelings except for one maybe two upper rooms. The lights would pulse...old place. Glasses and chandeliers sway and clink...old building. The dark shadows making me turn to ask what they needed, only to race in a split second toward the hallway or stairs and vanish...past drugs 22 yrs ago (isn't everything blamed on that) and lighting? >>HERE WE GO<< First few months on the job, three of us men saw two guys run out the hotel and heard yelling and the room number. We were asked to check the room out. We ALL THREE went. Upon opening the door, a smell...not human...and a flat, sharp, piercing air quality like it was physical met us as we entered. We automatically knew someone hung themselves, was a body under the bed...somewhere. The AC on full blast and windows open, stagnant and HOT in there. Barely breath. No body found and we took off to tell the front desk. A half hour maybe 20 min later, I myself had to check again bc it was the only room left. As I got on the elevator, I prayed. And prayed until in front of the door. "AMEN" took a breath and held it. Opened the door and it was a Fabreeze commercial. Smelled like Snuggles the Bear, felt light and safe and as if God had snapped His fingers and back to hell it went. THAT is the beginning...Through out the years Id notice things and pay no mind because no matter the obvious "not alone" feeling, they were all positive, or not negative feelings at all. I've seen plenty of people complain or scared into confusion that have been on the top floors. Only one room is violent and that's the one I checked long ago. Others have guests come down checking the room key because an "old confused lady" is in their room that won't answer them...thinking its the wrong room. Security or any one that investigates finds nothing, no one, no footage and no guests with that description. OK, SO THEY COULD BE REAL. Until, after everything I'd heard, heard about, witnessed and happened. I was sitting with my agent at the front desk across from him. (over night agent) We were talking, face to face across the desk from one another, at around 2am and no one around at all. All the sudden I hear LAUGHTER from a little girl, around 5 or 6 yrs old RIGHT behind me less than 10 feet at the bottom of the stairs in my line of sight had I turned an inch one second before. Like she got tickled and laughed very amusingly, loud and blatantly close. My eyes popped out of my head, agent starts to smile (hes facing her) and I turned and ran toward the stairs with one hop actually as they were close...and nothing. He says "You're not gonna find her". WTF?! I said, "Find who!? Who the F are you referring too!!??" He laughed and just said her. Didn't see but heard as I did. He has seen it all. Works graveyard alone. And has been there for years. Others have quit in the middle of the night. But THAT little laugh was 100% authentic and whatever it very real. Off to a crowded mall or church I go now that I typed all of those memories. God bless...


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              Some years ago in a vacation, I heard a scream at midnight, a very scary woman lamment, it heard as very far but loud, there was even some musicians in the street in party or something. When I heard the lamment, the musicians stopped and ran way in a vehicle.Some member of my famili heard the lamments too.


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