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Can people really interact with the dead?

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  • Can people really interact with the dead?

    Maybe it is just me but I don't think humans are special enough to be granted that power by God.

    I think once you are dead, you are gone from this realm for good and can't interact with anyone nor see them. What are your thoughts on the subject?

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    I'm not really sure of this but there are people who claim that they have special powers and others get their service as medium to talk to their dead. However, some could just be scamming around and milking money from desperate people who want to talk to their deceased loved ones.


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      I think people can believe they can if that makes sense. I feel like the mind is such a powerful thing that we can actually trick ourselves into seeing and hearing things that really aren't there.


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        I don't believe so. Any scientific tempered person would find it hard to believe.

        But, Many people believe they do. Our brain is very complex thing. Any emotional trauma or disturbance OR a pathological/chemical imbalance makes it go haywire. People start seeing/hearing things which might not be thee. In many psychological cases people themselves have been observed to convince themselves of seeing/hearing things. Halicinnations might be strong that convincing them otherwise might a hard task.


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          Absolutely not, and there have been plenty of "spiritual mediums" revealed for the scammers that they are throughout history. It's all very intricate and plays on the emotions of those in grief, quite sick actually.


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            I don't believe in Séance's at all, they just seem fake. I do believe that people have interactions with deceased loved ones, though. Those situations that seem too coincidental, the voices you might hear or a face you might see. It happens a lot.


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