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The importance of cyber security

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  • The importance of cyber security

    I feel this is a topic not many people are knowledgeable on these days. It was once just the older folks but now teens and younger people lack the proper knowledge to navigate the internet safely and securely. What are some things you have learned about protecting yourself online? What measures do you take to ensure you and your family are safe?

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    Considering how virtually everything nowadays is digital, I would say it's of extreme importance. But on the other hand, I do not go out of my way to protect myself. I use the basics ( firewall, anti-virus and some malware detection). Are we allowed to post links? I found an interesting article on the subject.

    What about you, Sugar?


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      It's critical and I don't recommend anyone use the internet at all unless you know the basics. Teach your parents!
      I don't do anything crazy, just keep software up-to-date, be careful what I click and download, the usual stuff.


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        It's getting more and more complex, beyond the average persons capability to understand. So for them, I don't believe you can really be secure any more. You need to be tech-savvy


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          I know a lot of people over 50 who don't have any clue what they are doing on a computer and I can now say the same for people under 25. I think this is down to the technology evolution gap. Everyone who is computer-oriented falls in the 26 to 49 range. Very few fall outside of these numbers.


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            Basics are needed in today's world. People tend to be careless when it comes to their security online thinking nothing can ever happen to them until it does.


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              I've become a lot more security conscious recently. I don't want to be tracked so in an attempt to stop that I've replaced everything Google-powered (almost) and ditched Windows, strictly an Ubuntu user now. I'm always looking for a VPN plan as I intend to use one 24/7.


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