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Is social media leading to more depression and anxiety in young adults?

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  • Is social media leading to more depression and anxiety in young adults?

    I often see how people interact with each other online having a job in a field that requires me to spend time on social platforms.

    It seems that people are losing the ability to properly socialize with each other and a primary reason is because of spending too much time doing it online.

    I feel like the real connections are being lost and this is leading to more depression and more anxiety, especially with young adults.


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    It seems like it, I always hear that this is what's happening.
    I stay away from social media, only using them for business reasons. I want to have real conversations and experiences with people, you won't have many memories if everything is done online.


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      A lot of younger folks these days compare and contrast their lives online in an unfair light. The see seemingly perfect people with perfect lives and desire to have that but so many people online are doing this that is it crazy.


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        100% yes! Instagram ruins the confidence in young women, all they see are filtered and edited images of other women and feel they can't match up. Everyone is obsessed with getting more likes and followers but can't handle being disagreed with. The concept of social media is really great but it's actually really bad.


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          I found myself getting mad at silly things on social media. Not a lot, but often enough that it made me think. Since deleted my Facebook I've been a lot more calm. I remained on Twitter since I don't follow anyone personal, it's mostly just for cat pictures, memes and video game stuff (which can sometimes annoy me!)


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            People really aren't themselves on social media, I see it with my own friends and I always catch myself thinking "that's not you, you wouldn't say or do that".
            It ruins friendships and turns people against each other. Use it only for business purposes and you'll be fine.


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