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Why some people have good memory?

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  • Why some people have good memory?

    Why some people have problem with memorizing things while some are good at it that by just simply looking at the parapgraph or numbers, they could easily memorize them. Are their any techniques to be like them or they are just gifted with such remarkable memory?

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    I think it involves some genetic factors. Also, if we practice using our mind always in reading, memorizing , or solving puzzles, it could also help us enhance our memory.


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      I'm not good in memorizing but have some talents in art and problem solving, so it think it depends on the person's mind capacity, focus and development.


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        I think it has to do with diet. I noticed people who eat a high sugar diet are more prone to poor short term memory. I think this is because sugar is acid and also affects hormones which intern effects the brain.


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          There's actually a really good article about that right here: In short, some of it is genetic and totally out of our control. The rest is down to you with regular brain exercises and a healthy diet.


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            A friend of mine can't remember crap but he is the most intelligent man I know. He is even a lawyer. His short term memory is what is bad. Has to write everything down.


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