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Law of Attraction - How do you view it? Is it true wisdom or all in your head?

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  • Law of Attraction - How do you view it? Is it true wisdom or all in your head?

    I have heard of people using the "law of attraction" and landing their dream job, buying their dream home, and being in a place of financial stability when starting with next to nothing. I think this is amazing and if it is possible to actually meditate and think this into reality, I would love to give it a try... I am just not sure I believe in it.

    How do you view it? Do you think this is wisdom or non-sense?

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    I believe that people with confidence have an energy to them that is positive and it draws in more positivity. I don't believe you can get rich by simply being positive and picturing things though.


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      Part of it is envisioning wealth and living as if you are wealthy. I have read a lot of stories about it pertaining to money. It doesn't simply make you rich but attracts opportunities to make rich like a new job career. I am still on the fence with it.


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        I think it is a bit of both. Positive thoughts create positive actions. Think of it as the butterfly effect. If I think and do positive things one day, it will eventually return to me through someone else.


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          I don't believe it to be true but either way, it's hard or even impossible to prove or demonstrate.

          I think it's clear that if you think negatively, more things will seem negative. But simply having the thought doesn't cause anything to happen.


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