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Addictions are more emotional than physical?

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  • Addictions are more emotional than physical?

    Someone explained to me the other day that addictions are more emotional than physical and I always heard the opposite.

    He said the reason people struggle is because they focus on treating the physical aspect of addiction and rarely the emotional one. Most people with addictive personalities also struggle with anxiety, depression, and have had some kind of trauma from a young age. At least this is what he believes.

    What are your thoughts on it?

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    I agree that addictions is due to uncontrollable emotion which makes it psychological. With addiction, our emotions that has psychological relevance could impact the way we act and could indeed control our physical actions.
    Therefore, in order to supress addiction, we should put our focus into different directions.
    If we are addicted to alcohol, rehabilation homes could help us treat it by putting our focus to beneficial things that could keep us moving and help us forget negative actions.


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      Absolutely. All addictions are emotional and psychological, that's why they are so hard to overcome.

      I've seen many people struggle with addictions and none of them have ever been happy or emotionally stable. It really messes with you no matter what your addiction is.


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        My brother was addicted to a few different substances over the years but a close friend of his had it worse. He ended up on heroin. He started using it after his girlfriend at the time cheated on him and left him. What really pushed him over the edge was when she aborted their child and she didn't tell him about it. Fairness to her, he was on heroin at the time so she was scared but still. He sobered up about 8 months after when he came to terms with everything that happened and met someone new.


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