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  • Back to the past

    What if you have given the opportunity to go back to the past would you alter it and live a very different present?

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    If given the opportunity, I will not even try to go back, much more changing it. Although it sounds amazing and such a great opportunity, I prefer to make the most of my present.


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      I am not sure I would because I may mess something up. Like if I can go back and start some websites, I would but that might end up putting me in a position where I don't meat my fiance and end up with someone that makes me unhappy.


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        Everybody has regrets of Missed Opportunities, Lost Relations etc. Would it be wise to go back to change anything? What about repercussions of changed reality, will it come back to haunt in some other way? May be you change losing a job in past and it makes you loose a successful business you were to setup afterwards? What if you unbreakup with someone and it prevents you from meeting someone far more amazing?

        Either ways you won't be sure of doing right, So why not live in the present, Try to improve future and let bygones be bygones?


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