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    AI Technologies have tons of benefits such as in the field of communication, medicine, astronomy and more. Indeed it offers promising benefits in the future of humanity. However, excessive and ultra-advanced utilization of such technologies could also bring harm to us. Could it really cause devastation to the world? Could AI become our worst enemy?

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    If the mankind will not be careful in using such advance technologies, it might cause chaos in the highly-advanced world.


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      I am already seeing the damages of the tech we have now. It is creating a lot of people who are incapable of critical thinking and have more memory management skills. I think it is great we have the advancements we do but we still must not forget to use our brains! If people become dumber over time and technology only advances... it will be a bad thing.


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        Artificial intelligence is the next step for machines. What we need to understand is that the universe will be populated some day with machines. Space won't have a Star Wars like feel to it. At some point space will be totally filled with nothing but machines. Those machines will have the ability to learn and replicate themselves. What we are seeing is the first stages of that now. It will have many benefits to mankind. I don't fear it like some people. I think it will greatly improve society and the lives of people.


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          AI is an exciting phase of humans technological evolution. I hope it can benefit humans more than it can cause harm.


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            AI is today's Genie out of Bottle. It's out. It has life altering potential. It may just be the next leap in human progress and a very big one at that.

            The concern with two fold.

            1. It's abuse by criminals and lunatics. (Unlike nuclear technology, AI is a little easily accessible). These concerns are very valid.
            2. Some think that it might just take over our world one day, reducing us to slaves. (For this to happen, somehow self awareness has to manifest in AI. Will it and Won't It, just time will be able tell.)


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