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Is the future with handheld devices?

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  • Is the future with handheld devices?

    Cell phones have come a long way. They are basically small pocket-size computers now. They can play games, browse the internet, store pictures, videos, movies, etc.

    The standard computer is still far more powerful and advanced but would you say the future will be all about handheld devices?

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    I think it already is the case today. I don't know a single person who doesn't own a smartphone. This includes people well into their 70's and kids as young at 10 years old.


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      Agreed with Moonstone. The internet is already accessed mostly by mobile devices and the gap will only widen with the focus being on responsive websites and apps. Mobile phones are cheaper as well, at least they can be. The market for laptops and desktops will always be there but innovation will slow down eventually.


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        Yeah it already is as mentioned. I'm not glued to my cell phone like most people my age, but I definitely am an internet junkie. I love using my desktop more than my phone, you can't beat a good keyboard and mouse!


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          I'm stuck somewhere in the middle.

          My desktop computer doesn't get used much, I don't use my phone much either. I have a Microsoft Surface Pro X which I often use as a tablet, occasionally attaching the keyboard for more serious work.

          I am fully aware the internet is being used mostly my mobile users, though.


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            Never been big on handheld devices myself. I have a smartphone and all but I didn't get my first one until 2014. I didn't want to move away from a phone that was not touch screen. I got used to it eventually but I still miss my old phone.


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              I really wish it wasn't, but it is.

              I hate browsing on my phone. It's just too small and you have to scroll non-stop. A desktop is so much nicer and easier for consuming information and just about everything else.

              Why do I even have a smartphone?


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