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Why has the debate between gender characteristics come back?

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  • Why has the debate between gender characteristics come back?

    40+ years ago, many people dove into the realm of what women typically like, act upon, and resist. Same with men. Both are clearly different and it is a good thing.

    Today, mainly on college campuses in America, the debate of "gender" being no different is back again and without logical scientific reasoning. Males and females are different and it is not down to society, it is down to the natural law. You can see this being expressed in animals who live in their natural habitat and those who are living in enclosures or as "pets". The males still display the same characteristics they do in the wild as do the females. They don't suddenly change based on their environment. There will be adaptations but this is purely for survival.

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    I don't understand where you are getting this from.

    When we are growing up, girls and boys are forced into gender roles right away that are dictated by the parents and society. Think of blue and pink or cars and dolls. Boys are encouraged to like what the society views as being more "masculine" and girls are encouraged to enjoy what society views as more "feminine".

    To say these roles just happen is non-sense!


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      There are certain "ideas" that we have forced on to people according to their gender but there are also systematic ways in our brain that perceive things the way we do that have little to nothing to do with "social norms". It is an instinctual hierarchy that is hardwired in our brains.

      So you are both right and you are both wrong at the same time.


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        People in general today want to feel special. This is regardless of scientific fact or not. There are only two genders, male and female. The characteristics at their core are established but many have changed and adapted over the years. Women are far more aggressive today than they were 100 years ago and men are far less aggressive, believe it or not.


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          You can rise boys and girls avoiding gender roles, still average men would be stronger and faster that average women, that is a natural thing that cant be changed.
          Men and women can do what they like now, but would be unfair to pretend they are totally equal in all aspects. Just see how transwomen win womens competition so easily, is unfair for those other women training so hard.
          Also sociaty is acting as if feminine things were boring, in tv and movies being feminine is seen often as shallow, so the cool girl says "I am not like the other girls".


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            I watched a documentary on a couple who raised their boy to be a girl. By the time he hit puberty, he no longer wanted to be a girl and ended up hating his parents for having done what they did to him. Males and females will always have their own individual desires in life. Girls can like cars and boys can like cooking but once puberty sets in, society won't be able to change that.


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