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Will technology lead us back to natural health care?

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  • Will technology lead us back to natural health care?

    I noticed more and more doctors are taking a natural route the more we find out scientifically about the human body. The general way the mainstream health care system works is reactive. It waits till something goes wrong and then works to suppress the issue to make the person feel better. Proactive health care involves caring for the body now and preventing things from happening to begin with. I think this is better for doctors to do and would not hurt them money wise to teach patients about proper eating, nutrition, and checking for things like stress and vitamin deficiencies that can easily be corrected before something worse happens.


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    I think there is a middle ground that everyone should approach. A lot of things can be helped by changing the diet, exercising, and supplementing but things like broken bones and severe injuries need advanced medical care. I feel we will end up somewhere in the middle.


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      I think that too but I feel like too many people are stuck behind their lab coats and pill bottles to see there are other options that work with the body.


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        There's a lot of scare tactics used by the pharmaceutical industry, they need people to be reliant on them.

        On the other hand, there are endless amounts of websites with great advice for natural living.

        Who reaches the general population first? The former I think. People have to want to live naturally, it seems more and more do.


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