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Veganism or Animal cloning?

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  • Veganism or Animal cloning?

    The impact of animal agriculture had been terrible to the environment. Yet not everyone could stay on eating vegetables only. Which would you choose, Veganism or animal cloning? Which is more ethical or sustainable?

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    Both are poor choices. People will become sick really fast switching to a vegan diet considered the average person is already unhealthy.
    Animal cloning is an abomination and shouldn't be happening, especially not for food sources.

    Farms need to have incentives to keep animals free-range. This will help the animals and us.


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      Both have positives, both have negatives... for both the negatives outweigh the positives so I will have to say no to both.


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        None, I will mantain my current diet of vegetanles and normal non cloned meat. Also if people adopted only vegan/cloned animals it would bring inbalance to the environment.


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          We need healthy meat. Just eat less of it. Kills two birds with one stone, no? Or wait, we don't want that... We don't want to kill any birds. lol


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            How about animal hunting for food? It's hard but more ethical just like the ways of our ancestors. Not often, eating more veggies more but hunting at times for meat. But it could offend vegans too. It's really hard to decide especially if it affects our own nutritional needs and wellness.


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