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Thoughts on deep breathing techniques?

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  • Thoughts on deep breathing techniques?

    This is something I have always wanted to try but didn't know which would be best for me. I read that deep breathing helps heal the body and can actually heal up to 70% of all illnesses and diseases within the body. That is pretty amazing. I think this is with daily practice just like taking a vitamin.

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    I would suggest breathing in for 4 seconds and breathing out for 4 seconds. Count the seconds. After you have tried that, you can go for slower breaths, meaning more seconds for each inhale and exhale.

    Just give it a try and see what your experience is like.


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      I would like to add that while this isn't necessarely a deep breathing technique, it is always of value to start slow. Breathing, like you say, is powerful and can create changes in consciousness that can be pleasant but also...shall we say, not so pleasant. And yes, there are quite a few studies on the nature of "breathing" and it's possible effects.


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        Deep breathing is really a wonderful health tool. You can search by "Pranayam" on internet and you would come across much informative material. It's thousands year old practice discovered and developed by Ancient Indians.


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          That is amazing if it really works. I've never tried it but now I want to.
          Should I do deep breathing exercises only when I'm sick or all the time? How often? Any technique? I'm willing to give this a real shot.


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