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Cardio or Weight Training?

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  • Cardio or Weight Training?

    Some say cardio is better, others say weight training is.

    So which one really is the better option?

    I feel like this depends on the person. Some people do better with cardio than weight training, others do better with weight training vs cardio. I do feel the bulk of us though, would do best with both.

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    Cardio is great for many things but strength training covers more benefits. I think for most people, strength training is better if you had to choose just one but like you said, it is best to do both.


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      Most people seem to think cardio is only for runners and women and weight training is for demanding sports and men.

      Women would actually greatly benefit from doing weight training and men who never do cardio, would benefit from that too. It is all about balance.


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        Cardio can only do so much before it stops doing much at all. I see a lot of people who do mainly cardio. They are what you would call "skinny fat". They have little muscle tone and small amounts of fat on their frame making them look bad. Strength training is superior in many regards.


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          I think both are great for different reasons but overall, weight training has the upper hand. The reason I say this is because we aren't designed to have our heart rates up all the time. We are, however, designed to be active and using our muscles each and every day.


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