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Why is mental health not more openly discussed and considered?

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  • Why is mental health not more openly discussed and considered?

    Many scientists and health experts proclaim that 70% or more of illnesses and diseases come from high levels of mental stress.

    If this is a fact, why is mental health not openly discussed more? I mean if stress can lead a person to become physically ill, wouldn't it make more sense to find out what is causing the stress and correct it so the body can heal rather than putting people on pills for symptoms?

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    I see it discussed constantly, it's all over TV shows and the internet. There are several mental health days as well.
    You're dead right about medication though, so desperate to push pills on people instead of getting to the root of the issue.


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      Recently, mental health is more discussed and considered than before. People are getting more aware of the importance of mental health to their overall wellness. I used to suffer from depression so I know how hard the condition is.


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        I think people are more open about it now then ever, the problem isn't that. The problem is how it is being handled. Pills upon pills without ever addressing the issues underneath everything.


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          I think people pretending they have a mental illness doesn't help. You know those teens who like to pretend so they can stand out amongst the crowd.

          Not only that, but too many people just don't understand how serious it can be. If you can't see it, it's not real! That's the attitude towards it.


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            There is still a bad stigma to have something like this so people tend to hide it away. Like you are considered weak or less valuable. It is a shame because this stops people from getting help.


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