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Obesity shouldn't be celebrated

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  • Obesity shouldn't be celebrated

    I am glad more people are feeling better about themselves but promoting obesity as something beautiful is rediculous. There is nothing beautiful about being unhealthy and sick, Having that amount of extra weight on your body is viewed as unattractive because it is not healthy. Our whole concept of what we find attractive revolves around health. We are drawn to "healthy characteristics". This is why fake hair to make hair look thick, make-up to cover up skin blemishes and scars, and clothing designed to make us look slimmer makes millions a year.\

    Obesity should not be celebrated. Period. There is nothing attractive about dying prematurely.

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    True! It's so weird seeing magazines and TV promoting huge people as being beautiful. I've always heard people who are obese claim that their doctor tells them they are healthy, something is really wrong! If that's true, doctors are actively assisting people in dying younger now. What a world.


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      I don't understand this either.

      My sister is one of those "body empowerment" women. She is in a size 22 pants, severely obese, and constantly complains about people not accepting her and giving her looks everywhere she goes. I want to just yell at her and tell her she is killing her self living the way she does but I am not exactly fit myself. I don't celebrate being overweight, I look at is a flaw that I need to fix.


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        I have a pretty overweight friend. He could easily lose 100 pounds and still not be considered underweight. He has gone up and down and up again over the years. He doesn't celebrate it nor is he proud of it. He remains happy though. You can be happy in your own skin without lying about your health like so many people want to do today.


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          It's so bizarre. People who are overweight need help otherwise they will almost certainly die early. And yet, they are being praised for their weight and told it is healthy. People are inadvertently helping them to die early and lead a less happy life.
          This needs to stop quickly.


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            Making fun of someone for being fat is one thing but lying to them and telling them they are beautiful and healthy... I am sorry but lies hurt worse, especially when it comes to your health and well being.


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              The last line got me. That is the best way the phrase it I ever read online. People need to get that being sick is not sexy. People who are obese are sick. No matter how many times they say they feel amazing, it is a lie.


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