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Living a stress free life - Tips?

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  • Living a stress free life - Tips?

    I would like to reduce the stress in my life but I am not sure how to do this or where to even begin.

    I know stress is a major factor in poor health and simply correcting this helps the body function better and heal completely instead of partially when things happen.

    What are your tips on living a more stress-free life?

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    Start with what you can. Most people express stress related to their jobs but switching jobs is not always an option so look at your home life. If you have bad relationships with people, heal them or weed them out.


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      Find something you enjoy that allows you to forget time. For many, this deals with creativity. Some like to draw, paint, or work with clay. If this is not your type of thing, look for something more simple. Find a video game as an aspect of creativity. A friend of mine uses Minecraft of all things to manage his stress. Mind you, he is 28 years old.


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        Sleep helps. I always tell people who are stressed to lay off the coffee and just get another hour or two of sleep each day. You'd be suprised by how good you can feel after sleeping in.


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          Forgiveness and letting go help us live our life free from burden and painful past. No one had a perfect past, we are all wounded in one way or another. We should learn to live in the present and allow ourselves to make great plans for the future.


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            1) Stay away from social media.

            I'm serious. It is a cesspool of negativity and people obsessed with attention. Delete all of your accounts and you'll feel less stressed very quickly.

            2) Create a routine and stick to it.

            Eat at the same time, exercise at the same time, sleep at the same time. Being organized is very important.

            The advice above is good as well.


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              I second the bit about staying away from social media. It is nothing but a facade. People pretend to be happy, make themselves look better than they do in real life, and they fake wealth and popularity but the ones who spend hours a day on those networks are some of the most depressed people today.


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                Don't use drugs or drink. Avoid people in your family who set you off. Give yoga a try, it really does help with stress. Eat a more balanced diet. Get some exercise daily. Focus on feeling good by getting enough sleep each day, drinking plenty of water, and eating highly nutritious food.


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                  Avoid politics and people who have addictions. Both bring on stress like you wouldn't believe. Having a best friend who is obsessed with politics and also an alcoholic has ruined many other relationships in my life. I have since cut him out of my life and I can tell you, I am way less stressed.


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