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    So my friend who has been overweight her whole life has started doing calorie counting. She said she felt it wasn't going to be easy but it allows her to really see what is going on with her diet and her weight problem. She set a standard for most days to eat no more than 1,300 calories and she has been doing pretty well so far.

    The days she tracked before watching her portions and numbers, she realized on an average day, she was eating close to 3,000 calories. That is nearly a pound of weight in calories a day. I don't think people realize how much they actually eat and drink until they sit down and crunch the number.s

    Have you ever done calorie counting?

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    I have never done it myself but I know others who have. It works for weight loss when you are honest about it and commits to it but over time it may stop working. It is best to go down in calories for no more than 6 weeks at a time. You will want to raise your calorie intake for at least 1 week after the 6 to reset your metabolism and then continue on.


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      The only problem I had with calorie counting is how time consuming and out of my way it is, but they say it gets easier the more you do it.


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        As mentioned in another thread, I was raised with it. Once you know what you are doing and get used to it, it is simple. Just prepare everything in advance. Like if I am going to make myself some stir-fry rice, I will count all the calories and make enough rice for 3 or 4 services so I can have several meals out of it without having to guess or count when I am hungry.


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          Most people can't accurately count calories on the fly making this harder. I know when my mother tried losing weight 5 years ago, she did this and at first, she did lose a little weight but it just ended up coming back.


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