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GMO Is A No-Go In My Book...

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  • GMO Is A No-Go In My Book...

    How do you all feel about GMO foods?

    My biggest issue is that they are altered lab foods. Either they are natural foods that have been changed or they are entirely made in labs like most corn and bananas. Both bananas and corn give us benefits for our health but they also give us negative effects. Corn and bananas both lead to weight gain if you eat them too often (every week) and they can cause fatty buildup in the body. Fruit and veg should not... let me repeat SHOULD NOT be doing this.

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    It is hard to talk about topics like this with a lot of people because they either don't believe it or they just don't want to hear about it. I agree with you. They are not good for us but they typically are cheaper overall so companies can cut corners and still charge the same amount.


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      GMO foods are a toss up.

      They allow us to have more abundant supplies of food at a much lower cost which is great for ensuring people don't starve but at the same time, they are proven to not be entirely healthy for the body.


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        If you are healthy, GMO food is the least of your worries. I know for a lot of people they focus on the issues with these foods but if you choose healthier food, eat for your body, avoid being put on medication long term... then I don't see the issue.


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